Even though it’s (mostly) Sun-tember here in San Francisco (our summer only started a week ago) I’m so inspired by the big plans that @cyclevintage and I are working on that I had to bust out the bike-able woolens, with some concessions to the warm weather. @vintagekelly, thank you for the unisex bike-hosiery! (at 🚲👸.💻)
Disco Ball Helmet Selfie at #TourDeFat (at Tour de Fat)

Flashback Friday! Biking on the multi-use path across from San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. Wearing all polka dot everything, naturally. (at Great Highway, Ocean Beach)

Back-lit lobby-shot realness. All to capture my workday cycle chic for my meeting with @closcadesign. Outfit featuring my customized @fluevog boots and trousers by @iladorawear. Perfect Bike Pant is perfect. Get a pair already! (at 🚲👸.💻)

Estée Lauder’s Cycle Chic Ballerina Muse

I wish that I were tough enough to be a ballerina. Like Kelly, I had years of ballet lessons as a kid. I have very vivid memories of my teacher wrapping up her gnarled toes with duck tape in between lessons. That—and the way puberty completely messed up my body awareness—turned me off the idea of en pointe. 

But I still love ballet. Instead of slender sylphs that glide effortlessly across the stage, I prefer my dancers to show exactly how hard they are working dancing.

So it’s a very special There’s A Bike In It treat to watch Estée Lauder’s latest installment of their Modern Muse campaign. Paris Opera House ballerina Amandine Albisson contemplates what it means to be a muse as she bikes beautifully around Paris.

The street scenes are inter-cut with glimpses of Amandine practicing with her dance partner and carefully packing her toe shoes with cotton balls lambswool. It’s extremely technical.

I’ve already watched the short film three times. You can watch it here.

And if you’d like to learn more about ballet, I have to recommend Queen Michelle’s series of posts chronicling her trials and tribulations as she takes up a serious study of ballet at an age when most ballerinas have long since retired from the stage.

Hello, everyone! I got a new helmet! Well, I got it like 3 months ago and I’ve only just posted about it on BikePretty.com/blog. So it’s more like, Hello, everyone! I just made a new helmet post. 🍄🚲👸🌉 (at San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers)

Polka Dots and Stripes - A Cute Nutcase Helmet

I used to be a major helmet-fiend. That is, I wore a helmet every single time I rode my bike and thought that anybody who didn’t was a major idiot. Then I lived in Italy for a few years and noticed that almost nobody wore a plastic lid. And it wasn’t like the Italians I knew were particularly risk-taking. Every one of them still lived with their mother! None the less, I still wore my ugly vented number, complete with a couple flashing red LEDs on the back, despite the ridicule. Ma qui sei? Un extra-terrestre? Ah ah ah ah!

When I moved back to California, I also noticed more and more bike-advocate types riding helmet-less too. In my mind,  questions started to form. Exactly how necessary is this this piece of safety equipment? What are the risks that I actually face on the road? It turns out that the answers are murky. 

That said, I still wear a helmet 90% of the time that I bike. Partly because my competitive nature gets the better of me and I start biking all aggressively. It really is satisfying to zip past a pack of MAMILs in a skirt and heels.

The other reason, is that I’ve found helmets that can be a cute part of my outfit. So I was thrilled when Nutcase Helmets let me pick out one of their new Gen 3 designs. Even thought they are well-known for their kooky patterns, I decided to go for something a little more classic. In fact, there were three that I really loved. I couldn’t choose so I asked my Instagram pals to vote for the best. Guess which one was the favorite?

I love my new helmet. Having such a strong pattern to work with has inspired me to be more even more deliberate with my pattern-mixing. Which is awesome because it’s my favorite thing in the world. (I can’t help it. I don’t even know what minimalism means!)

There are a lot of thoughtful details. Like the removable brim. Though let’s be real, it’s actually a necessity if you don’t want to look like a total bobble head. The straps have reflective material woven into them for side-visibility. Always important when you’re on the road after dark. And the magnetic clasp is freaking sweet. Now I can secure my helmet with one hand. Skills.

Check out the rest of the Nutcase Helmets line here.


A Woman Riding a Bicycle, New Orleans